Can be healthy even with water?

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Yes, you heard right. Some scientists have the idea that they can be healthy even with water. Regular use of drinking water can keep us healthy. And many sarees can run away from diseases. According to fresh research, 1 hour before breakfast, drink as much water as 4 glasses or more. Drink it. By doing this, the toxins inside us come out. Our blood filters are done.

Water is the most important inside our body. And every living creature needs water to live it. The water exits the toxins inside our body. He removes the stupidity of the body. And many sari ailments Take out the body from our body. Drink more water throughout the day than you use for 1 week. Then see the effect. Then see the effect. If you are ill then your disease will work The patient of Anemai also benefits.

If your kidney has become a stone, then know that the water of your kidneys will be washed out easily by drinking excess water. Cut into half a lemon in 1 glass of water and drink it. You should do it 3 times a day. Keep your eyes on high blood pressure Do not have pressure or sugar syndrome. Otherwise blood pressure may increase.
So you should drink lemon juice and drink 3 times a day. By doing this, your kidney 
stone will be removed in 2 weeks. We have provided this information to you from our experience, and Amara has no connection with any person or object. All this information is given from the Education Purpose. If you have any problems then you should consult with the nearest doctor.


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