How to lose weight naturally at home remedy.easy and fast.

Hello and Welcome Friend In today's post we tell you some tips from Weight Loss, which you can not easily lose weight or have any side effects. So let us tell you. How the stomach grows and why it grows. And what are the measures to reduce it? Those home remedies we are going to tell you, then let's move forward.

First comes the number of cumin seeds. Antioxidant elements are found inside the cumin. Which take out unnecessary fat And reduce cholesterol. And also cleaning the stomach, cumin is considered as a very good and important medicine. And this we will use in our home remedies. We use this also in the kitchen. What do you do First of all, soak soaked in a glass of cumin seeds in a glass of water and after getting up in the morning, it is necessary to heat the cumin seed. And after cooling it filtered
 You have to drink this tea, you have to drink like this tea, by siping it in such a way that you consume it in a week your fat will end. And you'll feel great beforeha

How many days do it:-You have to drink cumin water for a week if you see it improve. Then you continue drinking the cumin seeds. Do you feel some heat from it or have a red face on the face? Go, you stop using it.

If you want. If you lose weight fast then you start exercising along with all these uses. Make a good size in the morning and exercise in so much, even then your weight is not decreasing. So you stop eating junk food, stop eating fast food.

Lemon and Honey:-
Mix honey and lemon together and lose weight. Mix one glass of honey and lemon in light hot water and take this mixture in the morning empty stomach. This will help in losing weight. And you will feel lighter at first.

Who do not use:-Who is a patient of heart or who has sugar. Do not do these remedies after consulting the doctor.

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