How to keep your liver healthy. Homemade remedy.

Hello and welcome i am show you:-How to keep your liver healthy. Homemade remedy.very simple and easy method. so lets start:-

Lever is a most and powerful part our body.If there is some problem in the liver. All parts of our body will start to decrease. Because of which blood will not be made.And slowly we will begin to weaken. So, we will tell you in today's post about how you can keep your lever healthy. We will tell her home remedies.

 Liver is an important part of our body. The old saying is that whatever sickness goes on. It all runs through the liver. If the liver is right then Humans are also right. If the lever is bad then the person will become confined in many diseases. So you should take care of the liver.If your liver is not working properly, you get more sleep. Or your blood pressure is always low. So maybe your lever is not working properly. Or doctors have said that there is a problem in your liver.  You can do the following experiment.
No.1:-  Papaya:-A lot of anti-oxidant elements are found inside the papaya. Papaya is a very good result for our liver that makes our liver right. We also have papaya. This is a fruit. A lot of sari is found inside it. And papaya churnan is also made in India. Which is very beneficial for the liver.


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