How to reduce obesity and home remedies.

Hello and welcom friends In today's post we will tell you how you can ease your fat with home remedies. And you can control your obesity We are going to tell you effective use and home remedies in this post, let's meet this post....
Friends are more obese than fat. And the fat that grows with things. You should eat less than anyone else and if your fat has increased. So we will tell you a simple home remedies to reduce fat, which will reduce your stomach and reduce your obesity.

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NO.1.CUMIN:- Antioxidants are found inside the cumin. Which are helpful in reducing our fat. Soak one spoon cumin seeds in a glass of water at night. After the exercise in the morning, heat the cumin in water and filter it and drink it.
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No.2.HONEY:- It is believed that there is a cure for 100 diseases inside the honey.Antioxidant elements are found inside the honey.Honey enhances our immune system. Gives us the power to fight diseases.Honey reduces our super fat and makes us sudo.However honey does not have any side effects if you take more quantity of honey. So you may have a little trouble like having a dizziness like heart etc. Therefore you should reduce the first few volumes so that there is no harm. And if you correct that amount So you can increase the volume a little further.Honey reduces our super fat and makes us health.
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No.3.BANANA:- It is said that the amount of iron inside the banana is very high. Banana is a fruit which is eaten by cold and then fatness increases. And if taken with hot water it reduces obesity.So eat bananas with hot water in the morning. By eating hot water bananas, fat bursts inside your body are finished.
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NOTE:- You reduce the amount mentioned in this post further. And you can also consult a doctor.
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