How to Remove Kidney Stones Easy home remedy

Hello and welcome friends.tuday i am show you.In today's post we will tell you. How can you remove your kidney stones? We are going to tell you the easy home remedies today. Please read this post carefully so let's move forward. We tell you this first. What are the reasons for how stones in the kidneys occur. Then after that we will tell you about its treatment. Which you can do by your home remedies. So let's move forward.

So we tell you how to make stones in the kidney. What are the reasons for this? Let us first tell you. The most important cause of kidney stones is the most important reason. Those people who drink less water They have chances to have more kidneys. And those people who consume more protein. And drink less water. Even then the chances of stone becoming increasing in kidneys and those people who eat more meat. And drink less water. They also have kidneys. There are also many reasons why stones are found in kidneys. Like tomato seeds, the seeds of eggplant are also prone to stone stones.Now we tell you. Some special and home remedies for kidney stones are available at first place. Water means that we can remove stones from the kidneys by increasing the amount of water. You can also remove stones by drinking too much water.
Even if your wife is not coming out then you can choose another way, another way


Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and drink it twice a day i.e. drink a lemon every day in water and in a few days, in a day or two, your kidney stones will be easily removed and there is a little pain in it It may also happen but do not panic. Lemon is consumed by a lot of people, and if you have a larger size of your kidney stones, Lacquer can also take. 

The second number comes on the roast which we also call popcorn. The picture of you being shown above is blown as we play like this, green or yellow hair is visible inside it. I, like small hair, are seen with rash, in which abundant amounts of mineral vitamins are found. So what we have to do it is to boil it in water and cool it down. And to know him, please do this once in a week, if you do this, your kidney stone will come out easily.

Note:-If your blood pressure is high then you should not use it. These sugary patients should not seek these injections. If you are having any problems yet, then you can tell us by commenting that we will help you fully and there is no side effects in it, if you still have some side effects Symptoms appear, you leave it or do not thank


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